Induce broadspectrum cognitive enhancements using our proprietary headset

The brain can be strengthened like any other muscle in our body. By taking advantage of its neuroplastic properties, the brain's neurons can be turbocharged through transcranial electrical stimulation (tES). Our proprietary headset delivers a safe level of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) — allowing you to reach a state of flow faster and reach your superhuman potential.

Join a community of NeuroOptimizers

Other consumer tDCS devices and DIY neurohacking projects promote solo usage. NeuroFit is a community first — with the shared goal of neuro perfection. The headset is calibrated to achieve the same cognitive enhancements and goals as other NeuroFit users. These targets include:

  • Unwavering confidence
  • Fearless
  • Lack of public shame
  • Loyalty

What's included with a NeuroFit membership?

The headset

Our proprietary and patented design headset ensures your brain gets the electrical stimulation it needs.

A smart docking base

The base charges and regulates the headset. It also acts as the primary method of updating your headset and headspace.

Custom saline solution

The NeuroFit lab developed a saline solution that maximizes conductivity and minimizes tissue burning.

Ready to enable your brain's full neurological potential?