Neuroplasticity - brain play-doh

The brain isn’t a stiff, rigid computer — it can be molded and adapted [1]. This property of the brain is known as neuroplasticity and the NeuroFit Jr utilizes this property to optimize your child's learning and physical growth. NeuroFit Jr is the first consumer product to implement cutting-edge, non-invasive transcranial direct current stimluation (tDCS) technology specificially for children. Clinical studies have shown tDCS' ability to improve working memory [2] and reduce symptoms of cerebal palsy in children[3]. Today, Neurofit is making these possible benefits accessible for all families.

Children that wear the Neurofit Jr while performing stimulating activities (e.g. reading, drawing, exercising) turbocharge their brain circuitry's ability to perform these activities and improve 20% faster than their peers*


*Manufacturer claims not verified by FDA, please use Neurofit Jr as directed.

Safe Science*

Our team has built a tDCS device is so safe from the known physical harms of existing tDCS devices in the market that a child can wear it. Current studies also show no evidence of significant harm to users of tDCS devices[4]. The Neurofit Jr is so comfortable and fun, your child won't even notice the slight electrical tingle on his or her head.

  • Safe electrical stimulation amplitude of 1mA[5]
  • No electrode skin burns
  • Safer* than licking a 9V battery

*Long term side effects, including unintended and irreversible alterations to other neurological brain functions, may occur.[6]

Kid-petitive Advantage

Enhanced Play

Neurofit Jr boost your child's brain activity by electrically stimulating and turbocharging the synapses between neuron paths — paths that are typically activated during play or learning.

Optimized Learning

Neurofit Jr targets regions of the brain associated with learning and motor control (voluntary movement) — accelerating your child's gains from learning and playing.

Ready to optimize your child's future?

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